EEK ENTERTAINMENTS is the website of all round performer and variety artist Martyn Cooper. He started working as an entertainer after leaving college, both as a musician and actor. He has worked as a Punch and Judy Professor, Magician, Stand-up Comedian and as a street performer and an award winning clown, performing in Romania, Monaco, The Azores, across Europe and extensively in the UK.  


He teaches ukulele and leads at ukulele ‘jams’ as well as running ‘open mic’ events. He has had cameo roles in TV shows such as ‘Life’s too short, ‘Birds of a feather’ and ‘Citizen Khan’ amongst other television and film work including being a stand in for Hagrid on some Harry Potter films.

Martyn still plays music as often as he can and is involved with The Disappointing Clown Company whenever he is able, both as a creative consultant and as a performer at such events annually as Glastonbury Festival, Children’s World Festival and The Grand Northern Ukulele Festival. He lives in Berkshire when not travelling.